The @play brand is a recent addition to a well-established Sydney based Landscape company, The Gardenmakers, that has been providing playground solutions for schools and preschools for over 20 years.

Established in 1980, The Gardenmakers have been designing and building playgrounds, as well as providing high quality landscape solutions right across Sydney and surrounding regions for over 35 years.

Our award winning design team can assist with your playground markings design, helping turn any bare asphalt or concrete area in your playground into a revitalized, vibrant outdoor space. We can also provide line marking solutions in your car park or sports surfaces. Our installations are done by our experienced playground marking team or we can even provide training for your own grounds team if required.

In addition to this service, if your project is a bit more complicated and involves additional playground surfacing, equipment or landscaping, then our landscape team can take over to ensure you have a comprehensive playground design to suit your individual needs, constructed to the highest quality standards.

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Playground markings are an excellent and affordable way for schools to brighten up plain asphalt or concrete areas, improve and increase available play areas, and provide useful additional teaching facilities for teachers.

The creation of focused areas, with stimulating games and activities for pupils to play during break times, can encourage better social interaction between different age and gender groups, as well as promote cooperative play.

Focused play also promotes safer play, reducing the risk of falls and collisions caused by unfocussed running or play in undesignated areas.

@play specialise in a hassle free service, making it easy to design and install school playground markings to stimulate activity, creativity and help improve behaviour.

There are many advantages in using @play’s high quality preformed thermoplastic markings

  • Non Toxic
  • Lead and chromate free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Colour fast (guaranteed)
  • Lasts up to 8-10 times longer than paint
  • Manufactured to standards exceeding ISO 9002
  • Guaranteed for up to 5 years

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